Mark Lisicki


Mark Lisicki has been playing guitar since the age of eighteen. He also taught himself to play mandolin and dulcimer, as well as developing a facility for electronic equipment such as synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, and a wide range of recording equipment.

He was always interested in creating his own music, and became a songwriter and composer of note, as soon as he could string a few notes together. He set up Melomark Music, and his first album, "My Grandfather Never Wore Slippers", was released in 1988. Mark still sings songs from it.
He has also released several albums of electronic instrumental music, "transient trance", as he calls it. According to him, every note is ripped from his synthesizer. He is not telling the whole story here: a cursory listen will indicate that he ripped the fretboard whenever the opportunity presented itself.

He is currently singing and playing acoustic guitar wherever he can, mainly folk clubs and open mic events. "It's a lot of fun", he says, and we believe him. He claims to appreciate the term "Vive la difference", and applies this concept to all of his musical activities. Mark's influences range from John Fahey to Bridget St. John to Jimi Hendrix to Comsat Angels to Wire, in a circuitous route that incorporates traditional folk music from out there, and music from the spheres, or "balls", as he has been heard to say. Let's keep rolling down the road. There's something new at every turn.

Mark wishes to express his everlasting thanks to his brother Andrew, who designed the artwork for the albums, and to Jason Phillips, for his invaluable assistance in setting up this website.

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